Choosing wood and laminate flooring can be a daunting task. There is a bottomless choice of brands, thickness, qualities and click systems. And once you have made sense of everything technical, then you must make the most important choice of all. How to pick the right color of laminate flooring? With so many options to consider, it can be confusing and somewhat overwhelming. At Wood Floor Warehouse we stock over 180 wood floors. While this can be fantastic when you want a lot of choice under one roof, it can sometimes present too many options. So here is our helping hand on where to begin?

Dark or Light Flooring?

We all have our own preferences here, but which will work best for your space. Here are a few tips to help you decide :

If you have any of the following points, dark flooring can often look fantastic:

  • There is good Natural Light
  • You have a light wall colouring
  • when creating a rich interior
  • when creating a moody interior
  • when creating a cosy interior
  • larger areas can benefit from a dark floor

Herringbone Flooring Interior

Light coloured laminate flooring (or real wood) is a little easier to work with as it can help to brighten any space. Choose light flooring when :

  • when a space needs brightened up
  • in smaller spaces
  • to create a calming interior
  • when decorating with pastel colours
  • when adding texture, eg rugs
  • to create contrast. Eg adding a splash of colour with accessories

Chevron Wood flooring Interior

Rustic or Clean Decors?

When choosing laminate floor colours, the decor style is also important. There is a real trend towards rustic wood flooring which we think is here for the long term. As laminate becomes more and more realistic, rustic and distressed style decors have really grown in popularity. This type of wood has lots of natural features such as knots, splits and colour variance. It is extremely versatile and works well in both traditional and modern spaces.

TIP: In very large spaces where a lot of the flooring is visable opt for a cleaner style. Laminate flooring will have pattern repeats and these can be easy to identify on a very large area. If it is well broken up with rugs and furniture, then it won't be an issue.

Smokey Todd Parquet Flooring Interior

Picking a Laminate Floor Colour

There really are not a lot of common colours to choose from in laminate flooring. While there are colourful laminate floors available, the majority of choices are in shades of brown, dark and light tile effect and of course grey. Here are some tips on how to pick the right colour of laminate flooring.

Go For Colourful Decors if :

  • You want something that really stands out
  • When the floor is the main feature
  • For themed spaces EG. Games rooms or children's rooms
  • In design-led spaces EG. Cafes, Salons etc.
  • To add energy to an interior
  • When you are confident in your interior design skills

Choose a natural wood shade when:

  • You want to play it safe
  • For busy rooms EG living rooms, kitchens
  • To create a natural interior
  • When you have striking furniture or accessories to create a feature
  • For timeless interiors

Tile effect laminates work well  for:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens and utility areas.
  • Ultra-modern flooring
  • Practical working spaces such as salons.

grey laminate floor interior

Grey Laminate Flooring is great when:

  • You want to be on-trend
  • If you can contrast with colourful accessories
  • To create a luxury feel
  • You want to play safe
  • To match with almost anything

With so much choice out there, hopefully, we have been able to provide a little bit of practical help. You can view our vast range of laminate floors on our website and filter by shade, colour and much more. If you still aren't sure how to pick the right color of laminate flooring, just get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help.